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Small Linda Ferro at keyboard


 Linda Ferro, Sonoma County performing songwriter for the Linda Ferro Band, exercises by making words and notes do backflips and she scored with Alive & Thrivin’©, the theme song for Sonoma Wine Country Games!

At 60+ herself, Linda found this project a welcome creative challenge. “Here I am,” she realized, “Sixty plus years old and still writing and performing rock and blues.” So, with the opening lyric “Look at me, I’m much more than you see” she became emotionally connected to the cause of senior athletes.   And with that connection, she found the words to express how aging is just a number, not an indication of ability.

Alive & Thrivin’ speaks about the world of the senior athletes and that the second half of life is only a halfway point. “We’ve got a future, not just a history!” writes Linda as she wove the lyrics into a punchy, danceable tune.

Along with Linda singing, also featured are Mal Tornay (percussion), Chris Badger (guitar), Brian Elliott (drummer), Michael Balazki (bass) and Elmar Kurgpold (sax).

A special thanks goes to Mooka Rennic, owner/operator of Prairie Sun Recoding in Cotati for offering his studio and time to create the recording along with his engineer, Matt Wright for his fine work on the project; and Redwood Federal Credit Union for underwriting the project.

Listen to Alive & Thrivin’ by clicking on the arrow to the far left side of the black bar below.